Prioritizing People First

Maximilian® invests in people of exceptional ability who aim to create new markets
or disrupt existing ones with technology-enabled solutions

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People First

We invest first and foremost in people. Our investment in their business is ancillary. Our priority is partnering with people of exceptional ability who aim to create new markets or disrupt existing industries with imaginative, technology-enabled solutions. We invest at all stages of venture capital financing.


We invest early stage. We are familiar with the unpolished faults of nascent ventures. We specialize in working with founders to build their operations when the business is just out of the gate.


We partner with ventures just starting to gain traction and mature companies pursuing step-function growth. We help businesses reach a path towards long-term success and an upward trajectory.


We support entrepreneurs whose businesses have reached the bridge stage as they prepare to go public, merge with or acquire other companies, and defend their market position.

Our Approach

We believe investors must help without meddling. We expect our partners to develop their business with passion, to execute unrelentingly, to adapt to changing conditions swiftly, and to grow with their companies symbiotically.

To help drive partner company progress, we provide:

Our Focus

People first, idea second. That is our operating motto. As a prerequisite to any investment, we must first determine that we are dealing with A-level managers of impeccable character and exceptional ability. We focus on businesses that target high-growth emerging mass markets or that seek to disrupt existing industries. We aim to provide companies with venture capital, development capital, private equity, or investment funding. We invest at all stages of company development, from planned experiments to investments in management buyouts.

Do you have an extraordinary idea for a new business?


Who Are You

Are you a talented and creative individual with an excellent idea for a new venture, but you lack the financial resources to pursue it?

Consider the advantages of partnering with an experienced venture capital firm to bring your vision into fruition.

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Who We Are

Maximilian® aims to recruit and partner with individuals of exceptional ability. (Your nation of residence does not matter to us.)

We have experience in successfully forming and growing new ventures. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and financial resources necessary to start and grow new businesses.

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Our Proposal to You

Leave all the legal work, business administration, and marketing to us. We can support you strategically or tactically in all significant facets of business-building.

You concentrate on your core competency and what you do best: creating, innovating, and making your vision a reality.

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Our Process

A broad overview of our process is as follows:


Initiate Contact

Complete our Entrepreneur Inquiry form. Our form helps guide you through the essential information needed.


Preliminary Review

We will review your submission and respond with any follow-up questions. We may request to meet virtually.


Due Diligence

We perform extensive due diligence to inform our final decision. We may request to meet you in person.


Execute Agreement

If you and we determine we are an excellent fit, we will prepare all legal work defining our rights and obligations.

Get in touch

Maximilian® welcomes hearing from you if you seek additional information or if you have a specific question. If you are writing with a business proposal, please note your deadline. We invite opportunities to form new long-term, mutually rewarding business relationships.

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How to Reach Us


251 Little Falls Dr., Ste. 5800
Wilmington, Delaware 19808

Although Maximilian® welcomes information about new entrepreneurial ventures, please refrain from submitting proprietary or confidential information. Due to the volume of business plans and related materials that Maximilian® reviews, and due to the similarities in such business plans, we cannot accept responsibility for safeguarding against the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.

Our Proposal To You

Together, we will establish a new USA-based Limited Liability Company in the State of Delaware, which has the most favorable tax structure and strongest legal protection for owners.

You will be an owner of the company. (Maximilian Ventures will be the other owner.) This is a true partnership.

You must have your own excellent idea for a new Internet based business and convince us the idea is worth our financial commitment and resources. (Both of us will sign confidentiality and non-compete agreements to ensure our mutual protection.) We will then work with you to form a budget, a time table, and milestones.

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