Our Investments:

With our management expertise and broad financial assets, Maximilian Ventures invests in extraordinary entrepreneurs who target newly defined markets with imaginative solutions. With our partners, we aim to build world-class companies that change the way people use technology to improve their lives.

We aim to invest our capital globally in seed-stage and early-stage ventures that have demonstrated incomparable technological expertise.

We seek entrepreneurs with big ideas who need seed capital to turn their ideas into outstanding businesses.

Our Approach:

To help drive partner company progress, we provide operational assistance, capital support, industry expertise, access to operational best practices, and a strategic network of business relationships.

As board members, we help turn ideas and early traction into scalable, high-growth companies.

We believe investors must help without meddling. We expect our partners to develop their business, to execute unrelentingly, to adjust to changing conditions, and to grow with their companies.

Our Focus:

Our primary investment focus is on companies that target high-growth emerging mass markets. We work with the most talented information technology entrepreneurs. We aim to invest at all stages of company development, from planned experiments to investments in management buyouts. We continually seek to partner directly with talented IT entrepreneurs. (Additional details.)